Our Community

Chuangyi Community is a subscription based, not-for-profit platform providing those seeking advice, guidance and support about the field of Rewards and Engagement with relevant and helpful training modules, articles and a team of industry leading Experts to consult. 

What makes it different is that profits from the venture are donated to small to midsized charities and this charitable side will be actively promoted. In fact, it’s one of the things we’re most excited about! For the Directors and Experts, it’s about giving back what they have gained through their years of experience in their specialist fields, to benefit others. 

Chuangyi Community is geared towards those working within, or interested in, the field of Rewards who don’t have access to an internal reward team in their company, those tasked with creating a reward strategy within a company, or those who are looking to move into the field and expand their knowledge. It’s for anyone looking to create a work environment that’s supportive of their employees, which rewards their efforts, and where staff turnover rates are low because employees are motivated, committed to the company and are fulfilling their potential. Achievement is easier when people feel more confident, capable and content, so let us help you engage your teams.

Members can post questions within the Community and receive advice from our Experts in fields such as employment law, pension plans, compensation plans, incentive design, to name a few.  There is access to a wide range of workbooks aimed at developing Reward knowledge, suitable for everyone; from those starting out or refreshing their knowledge, to those ready for advanced strategy creation.  There are purpose built tools to help with a wide range of other topics such as Survey Tools, Statutory Reporting, and Individual Employee Benefits.

In addition, through the LifeWorks Total Wellbeing Platform we use for our own employee benefits, we’re able to provide access to a huge range of discounted goods and other benefits to enhance wellbeing. So it’s not only a Community offering you support and guidance, but we’re encouraging you to develop a new way of thinking about incentives and rewards by actually using the rewards offered through our platform.  Apart from the unrivalled support and advice offered within the subscription fee, and the chance to take advantage of fantastic discounts and offers from major retailers, Chuangyi Community is an opportunity to be part of something new. Something different, which has the vision and determination to change the way people see Rewards, and help professionals create more good in their working life.

For further information, to answer any questions you may have about the cost of membership, or to join the Community, please contact Clare Halfpenny, Community Director, and she will be happy to help you.